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Knee scopes and other dreadful things.

Okay, I know you all have been waiting around with baited breath (Ya, I know . . . bated . . . but baited sounds way much better. Think of, like, catfish bait, anchovies, chicken livers and such hanging from your mouth. Cool, huh?) for the official version of my recent surgery. The picture on the left, drawn anatomically correct, illustrates the before and after using the state of the art tools associated with the procedure. As you can clearly see the operation went as scheduled and was a complete success.I will be really happy when I can forgo the pain meds.

Now, I know Bearman, upon first perusing the high quality of the drawing, must have thought, “Where did this masterful artist come from?”  My answer is, I haven’t a clue, but if you find out, let me know.

I am still limited as to how long I can sit without the leg elevated, but will attempt to increase postings, as I know just how really important to the world at large they are. I will be closing down my science blog, as I think I can post basically the same things here, and like a woman, one is a whole lot easier to handle; just ask Tiger. Speaking of which, how many women has he holed out on?

news: Fox anchor Juliet Huddy thinks by lowering the federal minimum wage, workers will be better off. I’d draw a picture of Huddy’s head, but I don’t do porno.

Steven Colbert is on this weeks sports illustrated dressed in a speed skating outfit. His picture makes me think the winter Olympics are now saved!

In other news, stuffs happening.


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