Rants My Way


Ever have a blank day? You know, you wake up, go about the usual morning routine and . . . blank? Santa could drop down the chimney, the kids could stand there in awe, and you wouldn’t notice a thing. Flat tire? Okay. Burned the roast? Okay. Watch the news? Words . . . words . . . words . . .Feels like the brain took a holiday.

I had my stitches taken out today.  It took two hours and I didn’t notice a thing. Got home, laid down for fifteen minutes, and woke up four hours later. Fixed a pb&dill pickle samich, turned on the news and saw . . . nothing. Changed channels to watch MNF and promptly fell asleep again. Felt like a completely wasted day. I’m blaming it on the weather.

So, am I alone in this, or does it happen to other people? Or am I just weird? Answering that last remark is not obligatory.


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