Rants My Way

Stuff that may or may not rhyme time

I write a bit of poetry from time to time. Nothing special, but it does let my itty-bitty brain roam. So here’s nada:

The Path

‘Twas no yellow brick road
I was left pursuing.
This fragment of thought
Could become my undoing.

It drifted in memory;
Then floated on out,
Like a leaf on the water;
Its existence in doubt.

The path looked inviting,
Yet harbored no youth.
While its beauty swept fair;
It was marred by the truth.

I stepped on its course,
While trusting in lies.
To believe in such things,
Left me lost and unwise.

The light held forgiveness,
Yet the shadows held hate.
Was my future to walk here?
Was this my grand fate?

As the darkness closed in,
And the demons held sway,
I found just enough courage
To turn ’round and walk away.


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